All that is creatively Refined in the Caribbean !

The Founder

An attraction to the arts has always been a constant in my life that and my love to travel which I believe I inherited from my Mother. The pursuit of reuniting these two worlds is why I created THE CARIBBEAN REFINERY.  


Welcome! My name is Jordana Ozier Lafontaine and I would like to tell you who I am and why I chose to found THE CARIBBEAN REFINERY. 


I had the privilege of growing up on an internationally charged tiny mountain top in the South of India. There I was molded into what we can describe as a citizen of the world as I feel that I have embodied numerous cultures during these formative years as I was lucky enough to be able to attend this prestigious boarding school where children from around the world came to receive an education before heading to university in the United States.


Equipped with a Political Science degree and a Master in Business, I reside in a little piece of paradise called Martinique, located in the Caribbean. A French island surrounded by English, Dutch and Spanish islands, I strive to further develop the regional cooperation internationally far beyond the Caribbean Sea to promote the artists of the region. 

From the canvas to wood workshops; from the fields to dining tables; from music studios to the streets at carnival, travelers and a vast majority of the local population are missing out on what the Caribbean genuinely has to offer; its' talented population. 

The Caribbean Refinery media platform is a one stop click for  our visitors who are from the Caribbean and/or looking to discover the Caribbean through art and culture. 

Welcome to The Caribbean Refinery ! 

Best Regards,

Jordana Ozier Lafontaine

The Mission

The Caribbean Refinery promotes and incites worldwide citizens to discover the refined elegance of the region and meet Caribbean talents through their choice of artistic expression. The Caribbean Refinery assembles key information in regards to the artistic culture of the Caribbean region on one media platform.