This page is dedicated to The Caribbean Refinery Heart Project !


Anyone who personally knows me, can vouch that giving back to my community has always been a priority. It was therefore evident that I include a way to give back or to help improve the lives of others through my business.

The TCR Heart Project strives to endorse a common Caribbean cause throughout the region. To do so, I have decided that one percent from each online sale will be donated to the chosen cause. 

For full transparency, The Caribbean Refinery guests and visitors will be able to track how much has been generated and the financial aid provided right here.


In addition, the charity I will choose to support will provide mid-year reports that will be published right here informing us how the money was used and the evolution of the charity and its activities.

For those who wish to directly donate to the TCR Heart Project, direct donations will be possible via this platform in the near future. 

I am currently consulting diverse authorized and legally established Caribbean charities and will be presenting our final choice soon.